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Oodnadatta Track

Posted on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 09:00 by .

On the road with my mate Stu Walmsley at the moment, headed for Darwin. 

One of the great things about travelling with a fellow photographer is having a willing model to pose for shots like this.

After travelling more than 2000km to get here, Stu and I were pretty excited to be hitting the dirt on the Oodnadatta Track at Maree, South Australia.

Unfortunately, 100km down the dirt the back window of the car was smashed by a rock. But that's the outback, I suppose. 

Photo notes: A couple of speedlites on stands overcame the harsh midday sun, and a low apeture (f20) gives the sun a star-like quality.


Magic Flinders Ranges

Posted on Monday, 08 July 2013 06:41 by .

Sometimes the best photo is not the one you thought you were after.

Two days ago I was headed for Parachilna, South Australia, after spending a night camping in the Flinders Ranges. The aim was to shoot Parachilna's Prairie Hotel at sunset.

Five hundred metres from the pub, the sun broke through clouds and suddenly the evening was filled with magic light that danced across the country and washed over the ranges. Then it was gone.

Photo notes: gained some elevation by standing on a trailer, set up my 70-200mm lens on a tripod, then waited for the key ingredient: glorious natural light.

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