Roo Bruiser

CarolAnnMartinCarol-Ann Martin may not have built her ute, 'Roo Bruiser', to win awards, but that hasn't stopped her winning a bag full...

Published: R.M. Williams OUTBACK 2013 Utes Annual

NSW utes

JesseDavidsonFrom rebuilt imports to unbendable bullbars, New South Wales ute owners have no interest in run-of-the-mill factory-floor vehicles...

Published: R.M. Williams OUTBACK 2013 Utes Annual

Whipping up a storm

deniutemusterIt wouldn't be a Deni Ute Muster without Mother Nature playing a part. Last year it was rain, this year gale force winds. But nothing could blow the smiles off the faces of 15,000 ute lovers who rolled up to this year's event. Story: Nathan Dyer. Photos: Neil Newitt.

Published: R.M. Williams OUTBACK 2013 Utes Annual

Old warhorse

MeadChevBefore embarking on 65 years' service with the Mead family of Walpeup, this 1941 Chevrolet served in World War II, coming to the aid of wonded soldiers in the Solomon Islands...

Published: R.M. Williams OUTBACK 2013 Utes Annual

Funky Bunny

funkybunnyThere's no well-worn path into a career as a giant rabbit playing bass guitar on Melbourne street corners for loose change. Just ask Max Robinson: it was a long, circuitous journey that led him to this strange professional niche. Photo: Nathan Dyer. Story: Ross Bilton...

Published: The Weekend Australian Magazine 01-09-2012

No ordinary life

spikethumbnailRaymond Bernard Dessert III is a distiller, farmer and a family man with a head full of ideas and a shed full of rum...

Published: Magazine - reproduced courtesy R.M. Williams OUTBACK Issue 82/April-May 2012

A Question of Culture

kalumburuWhat is the relationship between religion and culture: does one in some sense define the other? This Encounter takes you to mid-19th century western Victoria in the company of historian Robert Kenny and to contemporary Kalumburu in the far north Kimberley. Story produced by Margaret Coffey. Kalumburu interviews and images by Nathan Dyer...

Published: First aired ABC Radio National ENCOUNTER 10-03-2012

Going to the country

alicia bridgesAlicia Bridges swapped rock and roll for remote Australia and found the move a life changing experience...

Published: Frankie Magazine Issue 46/March 2012

Outback runners aim for Big Apple

joseph daviesTwo years ago, Joseph Davies was like many other Kimberley teenagers — not interested in school and unsure what he wanted to do with his life...

Published: The West Australian 05-03-2012

Come and visit us, Tony

come tony

He might not know who Tony Abbott is, but 10-year-old Cody Ward said the Opposition Leader would be welcome to spend a week at his small Kimberley community...

Published: The West Australian 01-02-2012